Back 40 Bluegrass Park
5909 Pike 32
Curryville, MO 63339
2011 Festival Photos
Campground Campground Campground
Lou Reid, Darrell Turnbull & Christy Reid Our Emcee Our Emcee
Alvin & Debbie Deskins Audience Audience
Audience A Bluegrass Fan Darrell with The Boxcars
Jammin' Jammin' Great Grandma & Aaron
Our Bluegrass Squirrel Bob Hammons & Wildwood Ron & Bull Harman
Audience Audience Bull Harman & Bull's Eye
Guest Band & Darrell Even the young enjoy! Audience
Jr. Sisk & Ramblers Choice Audience Lonesome Road
Teddy Workman & Darrell Turnbull Darrell & Back 40 Guitar The Boxcars
Bob Hammons hitching a ride Mona Jones Frank Vaughn and his band
Even the young play Kenny & Amanda Smith Brightwater Junction
Audience Audience Audience
Missouri River Band Audience Bluegrass Fans
Lou Reid & Carolina Bluegrass Fan w/ Kenny Smith Audie Blaylock & Redline
Audience Bluegrass Fan w/ Christy Reid Bluegrass Fan w/ Audie Blaylock
The Drifters Audie & Darrell with Teddy Workman I'm here this year!
Crowe Brothers Aaron Audra, Darrell & Aaron
Little Roy & Lizzy The Lewises Audience
Audra listening on Sunday morning Enjoying the music The Lewises
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